Besides living and breathing Mechs, David is noted for both his artistic virtuosity and extreme versatility in almost all facets of art and design. He combines diplomas in Graphic Design, 2-D Animation, and Computer Animation with over nineteen years experience demonstrating a remarkable breadth of facility: as a technical illustrator; graphic designer; background, character, and prop designer for animated cartoons; art outsourcing manager for video games; design instructor; and as a modeler, senior concept artist, and lead artist on console and mobile video games including numerous AAA titles and finally as an Art Director.

An inherently visual thinker, David has an ambidextrous mind that allows him to approach his work from the in-tandem perspective of logical problem-solver and creative artist.

In his spare time, roughly 7 and 1/2 minutes per day, David trains the koi in his pond to perform daring acrobatic feats, some of which involve flaming hoops and he loves canoes and nature.

Recently David has been working on of one of Microsoft's AR/VR teams as a visual designer and illustrator on R&D, emerging tech, and confidential projects. He also worked with Xbox R&D in Redmond, WA, improving designs and creating promotional content.

Coming in the Near Future:

videos, drawings, and clothing at Comic-Con and other venues.